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Whenever I'm asked to design a logo, the phrase 'how long is a piece of string?' comes to mind! Logos are so personal, and the possiblilities are endless.

So Clockwork reckons that the best bet is to get as much info from the client as possible before starting - obviously about the company, but also personal likes and dislikes of colours, fonts and imagery.

Absolutely the most important thing is that the customer MUST love the end result! It's their logo, promtoting their company.

Website design

Clockwork has worked closely with Olamalu Web Development - a company which specialises in building great value CMS websites - on the design of a number of sites.

Most recently, the Oxfordshire radio station Jack FM wanted a complete new look for their site, which complemented their unique broadcasting style.

Clockwork produced visuals for the design, and sourced and created the graphic elements needed. Jack FM are very pleased with their site, which you can view at

For loads of useful info about CMS websites, get in touch with the very friendly team at Olamalu

Eagle-eyed visitors to this site will see that they did all the clever techy stuff for Clockwork.

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